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Hair Styles

Finding perfect hair styles for your long hair

When looking for the most flattering hair styles for your long hair, there are several things you need to take into account. First off, you need to evaluate what type of hair you have: is it straight, kinky, or curly? In addition, know your subtype of hair, i.e. whether it is thin or thick. The hair styles that will look best on your long hair are those that will work with the contours of your natural hair shape. The styles for the modern long hair look are wavy and straight. Natural flowing waves always look great on a long head of hair. Straight and thick hair that is shiny and well cared for is also in style.

The essential products for getting and maintaining great hair styles

To achieve either straight or wavy hair styles on your long hair you are going to need a great blow dryer and a round hairbrush. Using these two tools simultaneously you can add body or sleekness to your hair style.

You can rarely attain perfect hair styles by letting your long hair air-dry. By sectioning your hair and then applying the hot air from the blow dryer across different areas while you brush your hair, you can achieve wonders. For wavy volume, you should focus the heat on the roots of your hair. For  straighter, sleek styles, lengthen your hair with a brush as you blow dry. By using a small amount of hair product (so as not to weigh down your hair) you can achieve long-lasting results in the time it takes for your hair to dry.

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