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Braids Are Not Just for Long Hair

At one time, braids were thought to be a style just for people with long hair. It seems the number of styles available with braids were at one time very limited. There are now endless styles of braids from which a person can choose. Anyone with short, medium, or long hair can enjoy the freedom the style offers. 

Any stylist will confess that it's easier to create braids on long hair. The creation of extensions, however, makes this a snap for any length. Extensions allow a person to add length to their own mane, just like they had braids with their existing hair. This removes a lot of the stress a stylist experiences with shorter hair when the client wants braids.

Another reason braids have become widely used is that you can create the same styles you normally would. If you prefer a casual look, for example, you can opt for twists or rolls. Buns would probably be more appropriate for a dressier look. A lot of people with braids in their long hair or who have extensions sometimes just let their tresses flow freely.

An increasingly popular trend is men opting for braids. Most men have short haircuts. They generally do not want to add extensions to create long hair. Instead, they favor cornrows that allow them to experiment with various designs.

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