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Courtney Cox haircut

Why Fans Prefer the Courtney Cox Haircut to Other Celebrity Hairstyles

Courtney Cox Haircut

The Courtney Cox haircut is one style that fans love to mimic. Fans do imitate other celebrity hairstyles. However, the Courtney Cox haircut receives more coverage in beauty magazines than other celebrity styles. There is a simple explanation.

If you want a Courtney Cox haircut, you probably don't need to go to a beauty shop. Her style is very low maintenance. All a person has to do is wear their hair loose. Other celebrity hairstyles, such as those worn by Halle Berry or Brittany Spears, probably require you to visit a specialist for a precision haircut.

The Courtney Cox haircut seems to stand out among celebrity hairstyles mainly because it goes against what most fans think about celebrities - that they want everything high quality and that they won't settle for simple things.  For fans of Courtney Cox, it's refreshing when they come across a female television star with simple taste. Although fans are known for going to great lengths to mimic their favorite celebrity's haircut, they would rather keep things simple.

The Courtney Cox haircut will eventually lose its popularity. Another haircut style will appeal to fans and hers will be forgotten. That is just a natural fact about celebrity hairstyles. Fans  tend to lose their focus because they always want something new, especially when it comes to something as personal as they haircut they sport.

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