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Short Hair Cuts

Considering dramatic short hair cuts?

If you are simply tired of your locks and dream of short hair cuts that will make your life easier, it's possible you can have the hair style you want and save time and money in the process.  Choosing short hair cuts usually gives you wash and wear hair style options that make your life easier.

Keep it simple - elaborate short hair cuts take major upkeep

Choose low-maintenance short hair cuts that don't require excessive curling or tweaking of your growing hair.  If the hair style is too complicated, you probably won't want to work to get your hair just right every day.

Find hair cuts for short hair that give you more than one option.  Cuts that make for only one hair style will get old fast.  Be sure you can envision (or ask your stylist) a formal option for a prom or wedding. Try to work in a 'night out' option in addition to the original short look for every day.

Some people just don't look good with short hair cuts.  Yes, it's harsh, but it's true.  If you've discovered a great hair style in a magazine, it might not look anywhere near that good with your facial structure.  Ask a hair stylist you trust for an honest opinion before you take the plunge and get that new short hair cut.

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