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Prom Hair Styles

Unique prom hair styles

What are the most popular prom hair styles and updos?  Who cares?  The most important thing when looking for prom hair styles is what looks good on you!  Here are some tips...

The right short hair styles for prom can still include updos.  If your friends with short hair are doing slick-back hair styles for a more formal look at prom, but it just doesn't look good on you, get a hairpiece. Or, do a "mock updo" by slicking back the sides and back of your hair and curling the crown up and out.

If you have long and heavy hair, your choices for prom hair styles should definitely include updos!  Remember, you will likely be warm there will be a lot of people and fast dancing.  Do you really want a down hair style to make you sweat your makeup down your face?

Don't think you must choose the trendiest prom hair styles

Decide which prom hair styles look the best, last the longest, and go with your dress. Then, duplicate that hair style on the big day.

Be dramatically different on prom night, without sacrificing beauty.  If you look better with bangs, you can still find nags-included hair styles for prom and updos that look completely different from your every day style.  Never cut or color your hair on the big day!  You'll usually regret it.

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