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Short Hair Styles

Ideas on short hair styles for prom

Having short hair styles does NOT mean you can't create a sexy, dramatic prom hair style on that wonderful night.  People with short hair styles tend to get in a rut and repeat the same styles every day.  Here are some ideas to find a prom hair style for your shorter hair.

Even if your short hair styles are usually conservative, you can try the ultra volumized prom style.  Use a pomade, mud, or new styling cream (excellent for holding without looking "dippity do'ed") to show off all of your layers of hair.  In small sections, pull the hair up and out.  A stylist can also curl short hair sections (without brushing) to create more formal styles.

If you generally use a round brush to create short hair styles, try the slick prom style instead.  It's the ultimate in dramatic looks - slick all of your hair back.  For a wet look, use an inexpensive gel.  For a softer look, use a plant-based one.  For unique styles, make a curl in front of one ear, separate your "baby bangs" and comb the hair forward, or create triangled ends in the back.

You don't have to give up the ease of short hair styles for a dramatic prom hair style

For sexy short hair styles, try the messy prom style.  Use styling cream, comb your hair forward - diagonally - and spray up random parts - very much like popular boy styles.

If you're looking for more traditional hair styles, you can do the "fake updo" style.  Slick the back and sides of your short hair, and volumize the crown by either curling or pomading it up and out.

If you want something other than short styles for the evening, try the "borrowed updo" hair style.  Use a hairpiece or add-ons to create flowing curls.  A dramatic touch is to have your own hair very tightly braided up and pinned below the add-on.

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