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Prom Hairstyles

Tips on prom hairstyles for long hair

Most pictures of beautiful prom hairstyles are taken before the dance.  If you have long hair, and you want your prom hairstyles to last beyond the initial pictures, keep reading.  Your long hair doesn't have to look like a mop an hour into the prom!

In your grandmother's day, hairstyles for the prom meant an updo, period.  This is no longer the case.  If you have thick, long hair, consider prom hairstyles that include half updos to give you a formal look without trying to defy gravity.

Half updo hairstyles pin the sides (be sure to leave some hair down to soften the look), but leave the back down.  This is especially important for heavy, long hair at a prom event.  You don't want him dancing with everyone else at your prom because you're in the bathroom the whole time trying to re-pin a fallen mess of hair.

How to keep prom hairstyles and long hair beautiful for the after-prom parties

Prom hairstyles shouldn't JUST be for pictures.  If you have long hair and plan on dancing at the prom, don't choose a down style if you sweat easily.  Updo hairstyles will keep your neck cool, and you won't be left with a sticky frizzball, which tends to ruin prom night.

If you are looking for dramatic prom hairstyles and are thinking of a drastic color change to your long hair the day before, think again!  Hair color will change the look of your makeup, skin, and dress, and the thought of a temporary color running down your neck during the prom should make you cringe!  Stick with what you have and go with one of the classic hairstyles.

You should do several prom hairstyles rehearsals.  If you aren't sure which style will look best for your long hair during the prom, don't find out you chose the wrong one that night!  Start trying different hairstyles on weekends the month before the prom.  Do the same with your makeup.

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