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Easy Formal Hairstyles

Create easy formal hairstyles - prom and wedding updos

For easy formal hairstyles, your updos don't have to be salon-created.  There are lots of formal hairstyles that are quite easy to do yourself.  You can also use these tips for prom and wedding hairstyles when you have a hairdresser do your hair.

Rule #1:  for easy formal hairstyles, DON'T wash first.  The best hairstyles are created from slightly dirty hair.  Shampoo the day before styling.  While not all stylists agree, we are told that freshly-washed hairstyles don't hold as well.

Rule #2:  Use gloss products for formal hairstyles.  Glosses give your prom or wedding updos an easy finished shine.

Rule #3:  Invest in a different hair spray to hold your formal hairstyles.  Your daily light hold spray is wonderful and easy and makes your locks feel natural, but it won't keep formal hairstyles set for long.  Real Simple magazine suggests Physique Volumizing spray for keeping hairstyles set throughout a prom or other formal event.

Consider a wig or hairpiece for quick and easy formal hairstyles.  Pin your own hair in sections toward the crown, then add pieces for beautiful hairstyles!

Hairpieces are excellent for easy formal hairstyles.  Find a color that matches or is slightly lighter than your hair.  For curly updos, curl your own locks first - you don't want straight ends sticking out and wrecking your formal look.  Separate into sections, and twist from the root and pin, then place the add-on piece. Easy!

For shorter hair, go for formal hairstyles with glitz!  Apply a colored gloss to the end of each section before curling.  For short updos, it's easy to twist nape sections up, adding pieces of the crown area before pinning an inch or two from the ends.  Spray and curl loose ends and you've got an easy and nicely formal head of hair.

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